Tuesday, June 26, 2012

10 mile cleansing run by rillz949 at Garmin Connect - Details

10 mile cleansing run by rillz949 at Garmin Connect - Details
Mezamashii. I have always been a proponent of loving the way you run. Similar to when you were a child and had no forethought of splits, distance, or pace. There is no means to an end; trying to hit a goal weight or time. You run because you love to. A love that will carry you through the most challenging days and take you further on your perfect days. The Mezamashii Run Project embodies what I believe to be the soul of that love. The word Mezamashii has reinforced and revitalized that love of running. I have always described to my non-running friends how a euphoric run can set your world straight; untying the constricting knots tied by stress and responsibility. It is primal, a way to reconnect with who we really are, not who we've been told to be.

We are made to run. It is in our DNA. To many of us have forgotten this. The commodities of this world have allowed for complacency and laziness. It also creates a sickness, mentally and physically, that we have tried to fix through drugs and get-fit-fast schemes that avoids the very essence of why we exercise. Every journey begins some where and it still rings true the hardest step is always the first one. All accomplishments worth having require work. The best part of running is you can start anytime and anywhere. I like to keep it simple and remember it can be as easy as Stand. Walk. Run. Fly.

One of the many beautiful views seen throughout my runs
Distance 10 miles
Pace 7:59
Shoes - Merrell Minumus Trail Glove
CD of the run - Hot Chip - In Our Heads
Watch - Garmin 405cx
Calories - 1203

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